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Malvern Mission:  Help people and live the joy of recovery.

Malvern Vision:  To never be satisfied!  To continually improve our services to our patients, their families and our referral services.  To be fiscally able to achieve always improving services!

Malvern Philosophy:  Malvern is an evidenced based program that has a 12 step approach to recovery.  We believe in the 90 day commitment to recovery.



Here is what our alumni have to say:

“Malvern started me on a continuing journey to sobriety; to seeking to be a better person; to leading a rewarding, accepting and full life … I have learned tools and have support from groups and fellow alcoholics.”


rehabafterwork_logoPromoting hope, change & healing.

Our mission is to provide adult, teen & family therapy to those suffering as a result of drug & alcohol abuse.

Every year, thousands of people receive help from the Rehab After Work programs.

Rehab After Work (RAW) and Rehab After School (RAS) is a licensed outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program which has been helping addicted individuals find the road to recovery for over a decade. The founding principle of our company is to help people and their families who are suffering from the disease of addictions. To our clients and their families, we represent hope and a chance at a new life through the support of counselors invested in their recovery and a company who cares.