A guy walks into a cigar lounge and lights up not only a fine smoke but a long lost friendship. That’s pretty much how Gary Hendler and Steve Martorano embarked on their journey which led to the creation of Clean and Sober Broadcasting, a multi-media resource devoted to exploring the disease of addiction and the many paths to recovery. Our message is a simple one. For those struggling with the ravages of drug or alcohol abuse there is help out there.

Meanwhile, back at that cigar lounge Gary and Steve’s serendipitous meeting after almost three decades apart moved quickly from “how are you doing” to “what have you been up to?” Steve’s story was fairly straight forward and pretty mundane; many years in broadcasting in both radio and television in places like New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Gary, on the other hand, growing up in the Philadelphia music industry, had led a more “colorful” life. Now the owner of a successful suburban real estate management company Gary was also celebrating over thirty years of sobriety after struggling with drugs and the law in his early years.

Two old friends from two contrasting life experiences cross paths again after many years, swap stories, catch up, rekindle their friendship and most importantly conceive the idea for Clean and Sober. One with a background in communications, the other with a vast knowledge of and commitment to sober living have combined their experiences in an effort to help others achieve long term successful recovery.

That is our mission: To inform, share and discuss, across multiple media platforms, the story of addiction and the road to recovery. This website is home to Clean and Sober Media which is dedicated to promoting a lifetime free of alcohol and drugs.

Steve Martorano has moved on to pursue other endeavors while Gary Hendler continues to host this insightful and informative radio program live on Friday afternoons at 3:00 PM on WWDB-AM 860, Philadelphia. The program can also be heard Sundays at 10:00 AM on 610 Sports Radio and again on Mondays at 2:00 PM on WWDB-AM 860.

Clean and Sober Radio features real people with real stories about their addiction to drugs and alcohol and their road to recovery.

Call in to be heard live on the radio at 888-329-3306, Fridays at 3:00 PM.