Clean and Sober Broadcasting is a multi-media resource devoted to exploring the disease of addiction and the many paths to recovery. Our message is a simple one. For those struggling with the ravages of drug or alcohol abuse there is help out there.

The flagship of our effort is Clean and Sober Radio, created and hosted by Gary Hendler and cohosted by Mark Sigmund. We feature real people with real stories about their addiction to drugs and alcohol and their road to recovery.

Gary grew up in the Philadelphia music industry and led a “colorful” life. Now the owner of a successful suburban real estate management company Gary is celebrating over thirty nine years of sobriety after struggling with drugs and the law in his early years.

Mark has had addiction struggles of his own. Educated and practicing as a therapist, he soon realized that he had addiction issues of his own. In recovery, Mark has dedicated his professional career to assisting patients down the road to recovery.

Both Gary and Mark have a vast knowledge of and commitment to sober living to help others achieve long term successful recovery. Clean and Sober Radio is the product of their combined experiences. Our goal on Clean and Sober Radio is to inform, share, and discuss the story of addiction and the road to recovery.

Join us live Fridays at 3:00 PM on WWDB-AM Talk Radio 860 (97.5 FM – Digital 2). Join the discussion at 888-728-9941, or watch us live on the Clean and Sober Radio Facebook Page where you can also share your comments.

Our program is rebroadcast in Southeastern Pennsylvania on WWDB-AM Saturdays at 6:00 AM.

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