Actress BRETT BUTLER will be my guest tomorrow at 3

Award Winning Actress Brett Butler of the “Grace Under Fire” TV show will be on the Clean and Sober Radio Show. She has led an incredible life filled with fame, fortune and addiction !!


  1. Stacey Brown

    I’m so sad that unfortunately I didn’t know that this show even Existed. I would love to hear it. I have been clean for 2 years now! It took me a VERY LONG time to admit I was an addict!! And even LONGER to seek treatment. I NEVER thought I would STOP craving my DRUG!!! I have been a DIE-HARD FAN of BRETT BUTLER since her show was first on. I had the PLEASURE to meet her & get her autograph when she was in BALTIMORE, Several years ago!!! My life is in a DOWNWARD SPIRAL right now. I turned on the TV & saw That “Grace under Fire” is on in reruns. I’ve been watching them to help cheer myself up. I then stumbled across her Facebook page & I found this!!! I’m so happy to have found out about the broadcast & am going to find out about seeing &/or hearing it. I am also going to send a friend request to MS. Butler!! I know the likelihood of actually speaking directly is slim to none but, what have I got to lose? Thank You for your time.

    • Hi Stacey……keep listening! We have loads of fun discussing a VERY serious subject……………..Gary Hendler call in to the show on Fridays at 3 1-888-329-3306

    • Hi Stacey……………..just saw your post on Clean and Sober Radio. Good luck to you

      Gary Hendler (host)

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