Friday’s Show; William Stauffer, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Recovery Organizations Alliance (PRO-A)

Our guest on tomorrow’s Clean and Sober Radio Show is William Stauffer, who is the executive director of the Pennsylvania Recovery Organization, Alliance (PRO-A). Founded in 1998, PRO-A’s mission is to eliminate stigma and discrimination towards those affected by drug and alcohol addiction. The group also assists those struggling with addiction in getting desperately needed recovery services. Currently, due to shrinking resources, many young Pennsylvania residents struggling with addiction are not getting the necessary treatment to recover. Stauffer is leading PRO-A in an effort to tackle this issue. We will ask him about his progress in curtailing this problem, along with “confidentiality” in addiction treatment. Should your information be accessible to the general public? Call in during the show with your opinions at 1-888-329-3306.
Listen tomorrow, Friday, at 3 PM (EDT) on Talk 860 WWDB-AM.
Clean and Sober Radio is underwritten by Recovery Centers of America and Livengrin Foundation.
Hosted by Gary Hendler

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