Friday’s Show; Musical legend Chuck Negron & Dancin’ On Air Founder Mike Nice!

Listen to Clean and Sober Radio tomorrow! Musical legend Chuck Negron will be joining us. Negron is the founder and lead vocalist of “Three Dog Night”, and sang some of the most well- known tunes in Rock n Roll history. But with the fame, Negron also spiraled into a devastating heroine addiction. He will chronicle the music, death struggle with heroine, and the miracle that saved his life on September 17, 1991. Chuck has been clean and sober now for nearly 27 years. Also on tomorrow’s show, Mike Nice, the founder and producer of the hit 1980’s TV show “Dancin’ on Air”, will be joining us. He has some story to tell! Listen tomorrow, Friday, at 3 PM (ET) on Talk 860 WWDB-AM! Join the discussion at 1-888-329-3306.¬†Clean and Sober Radio is underwritten by Rehab After Work, Recovery Centers of America, Bowling Green Brandywine, Belmont Behavioral Hospital, Malvern Institute, White Deer Run, and Huntington Creek Recovery Center. Hosted by Gary Hendler