Friday’s Show; Philly City Council Candidate Pete Smith, along with Attorney Allen Toadvine.

We have two guests in the studio on tomorrow’s edition of Clean and Sober Radio. Pete Smith, who is running for Philadelphia City Council’s 6th district will join us. Smith, a Republican, has had enough when it comes to the opioid crisis, which has had devastating effects on his family, and the city he loves. He believes that a major priority for the city should be to help users detox, and access long-term treatment. In addition, Attorney Allen Toadvine will be in the studio. He is running to become a Bucks County Common Pleas Court Judge. Allen wants to hold drug pushers accountable, and to recognize addiction as a disease, which needs treatment. This will be a great show!
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Listen tomorrow, Friday, at 3 PM (EDT) on Talk 860 WWDB-AM. 
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