Friday’s Show; Support Group Format!

To all of our viewers and listeners. Once again, we have decided to tomorrow’s program, and possibly future shows, to having a support group format. At Clean and Sober Radio, we know many people are struggling, especially since most in-person meetings have temporarily closed their doors. We will have an open discussion, as you would in an AA or NA meeting, but live on the radio. Let us know how you are keeping your sobriety, the feelings you are having, along with the trials and tribulations you are overcoming. You can call-in and participate, or just listen and watch. Just remember, this too shall pass! Call in Live at 1-888-329-3306. Listen tomorrow, Friday, at 3 PM (EDT) on Talk 860 WWDB-AM 
Our show is Re-broadcasted Sunday at 10 AM (EST) on ESPN Sports 610, and Tuesday at 6 PM on WWDB-AM 860
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  1. Jestine

    Hello my name is Jestine and I’m a greatful recovering alcoholic and addict. My sobriety date is August 5 2002. There’s no words in the vocabulary that can express how good it feels to be sober. When I took the last few dollars in my pocket, and caught public transit, I kept repeating to myself ” I had enough” during that bus ride. The thought did not cross my mind that something was going to happen for me. When I got as far away from the people, places, and things that took me on that merry-go-round, I then saw the AA little river club in miami florida. After I exited the bus at the stop, I walked across the street towards the AA room and I opened the door to go inside. Once I took a seat at the table, I didn’t know what was about to take place. After everyone came inside the room and took their seats at the other tables, the speaker walked over to the podium to begin the meeting. After the speaker introduced himself, and acknowledged his addiction, everyone else said hi to him. After he did the preliminaries, he then said “are there any newcomers”? The only thing that I did was to raise my hand. After the microphone was passed to me, I took the microphone in my hand and said “hi my name is Jestine and I’m an alcoholic and addict. The next thing I said was “i had enough”. When I laid the microphone on the table, I put my head down on the table and I was sobbing uncontrollably. To this day, I don’t remember what the speaker was saying, but I just wanted to get off that merry-go-round right then. The meeting went on for an hour, and I wanted exactly what these people have at that time. When the meeting was concluded, and the closing benediction was said, several of the men and women started putting some change into my hand. One of them gave me a hug and said the war is over. Then a young lady started telling me about a rehab facility called Saint Luke’s Addiction Recovery Center. She then tells me what street it is located as well. And before I walked out the front door, the young man handed a bottle of green tea. Once I opened that bottle of green tea, I started to drink it. After saying thank you to the young man, I walked out the front door and started to take that walk towards the rehab facility. Once I got towards the facility, I noticed the statue which has a strobe light point upwards from the bottom of the statue. And the facility looks like a convent for nuns. I stood at the front gate and pushed the button. Once I heard the buzzer, I opened the gate and walked towards the front door. After opening the door, and stepping inside, the receptionist introduced herself as did I and she said take a seat on the sofa and one of the administrators will register me as soon as possible. Several minutes passed, and I asked the receptionist if I could step outside on the doorstep to have a cigarette. After she said yes, I stepped outside to have a cigarette. Once I lit the cigarette, I was looking up and down the street. It seemed like this rehab facility is not very far from the nearest dope hole. I began to think that every story may be different, but the end result is always the same. That stays in my mind to this day and beyond. A group therapist once said “when you wake up in the morning, play the tape to the end”. I always remember what it actually took for me to hit bottom. It was like being in a boxing ring, and the opponent was constantly throwing punches, and I couldn’t fight it on my own strength. For today, I am not using. Some of us take it day by day. For me, it’s second by second. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience, strength and hope.

  2. congrats!!!! Doing the right thing 1 day at a time 🙂

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