Hey! Hey! We’re The Monkee’s!!!

Tune into “Clean And Sober” at 3 pm. Monkee’s Songwriter Bobby Hart will be my guest. Hart wrote over 30 song’s for “The Monkee’s. ┬áHe helped the band sell more records in 1967 than even “The Rolling Stones”. This will be a great show, so don’t miss it! Tune into AM 860 WWDB at 3 pm Friday!!!

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  1. Hey cool, didn’t realize Bobby has a book out. As a huge Monkees fan, I will have to check it out, along with this interview.

    For a blast from Bobby’s past, check out the opening skit of this show featuring Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart trying to write a hit from their 70’s tv special – cracks me up!

    (0:54 – 2:25)

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