Friday’s Show; Rehab After Work’s Nedson Campbelll M.D., and Tisherra Diec discuss the Opioid Epidemic!

America is in the grips of an opioid epidemic which is harming an entire generation. Tomorrow on Clean and Sober Radio, Rehab After Work’s Medical Director, Nedson Campbell M.D., and Quality Assurance Specialist Tisherra Diec, will take a closer look at what is driving this awful crisis. They will also discuss the latest treatment options which can help reverse this epidemic, and answer caller’s questions. This show will be filled with useful information on the opioid crisis from some of the most qualified experts in the field of addiction medicine. Listen tomorrow, Friday, at 3 PM (ET) on Talk 860 WWDB-AM! Call with your questions at 1-888-329-3306

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  1. Brian

    What’s really wrong about this epidemic is the people that really need them are told by their doctor that they can’t give any because the doctors are afraid the feds will come down on them, which is bullshit. A doctor took an oath, so now the government dictates what a doctor can and can’t do???……here’s the epidemic, my wife is dying of cancer, it’s like pulling teeth for her to get medication to make her comfortable and enjoy her kids….she 39…..and I, her husband, is A retired cop…, a doctor is hesitant for giving out weak opioids, which keeps my wife in pain, a bag of heroin is 10 bucks……do the math…..thanks America,

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